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3D silk - Roza


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3D silk - Zara


Easy Peel Off Long Lasting Waterproof Lip Tint

Get beautiful lips in a matter of minutes by using the Romantic Bear Wow long lasting lip color. These are enriching pigments that promise to transform your lips within 5 to 10 minutes. The most important advantage is its non-transferblility and long lasting staying power.

Anza Glitterkit Eyeshadow Palette

$16.95 $24.95
High-sparkle cosmetic grade Pressed glitter, which casts maximum light reflection. This elegant, pigmented 24 Color Piece Eyeshadow makeup palette has all the shimmer you need to create a gorgeous and sparkly look that highlights your eyes and brings out the glam in you. All colors come as shown in a snap-on palette casing that helps to protect the product from damage. Perfect for daily use (with less product applied) or special events. Sparkle at your next holiday or Christmas party thanks to this glitter eyeshadow set with gorgeous eyes that are sure to get everyone’s attention. Choose from the nice assortment of colors to create a subtle, edgy or sophisticated look that works day or night.

Eyebrow Stamp

$5.95 $9.95
End all your Eyebrow troubles with this Eyebrow Stamp. Its the Hottest and Latest trend in the market. If you hassle to draw your brows every morning or can't seem to get the perfect Brow shape then this tool is perfect for you.

Vamp Stamp Eyeliner

$8.95 $28.95
You should never ask a woman with winged liner why she’s late… As every make up addict knows, the eyeliner flick is a fickle beast – until, that is, you’re armed with The Vamp Stamp’s ingenious eyeliner innovations. The brand’s VaVaVoom stamp is the fool-proof tool gunning for world domination (one Instagram post at a time…). Heralding the end of cat-eye catastrophes and feline flick fiascos, you simply ink it up, stamp it on and vamp it out for perfect, uniform flicks in two seconds flat.

Pearly Pressed Powder Highlighter - Gold

Huamianli Pearly Pressed Powder Highlighter Palette is a perfect tool for stereo facial features and defined flawless makeup look.

Pearly Pressed Powder Highlighter- Light

Huamianli Pearly Pressed Powder Highlighter is a perfect tool for stereo facial features and defined flawless makeup .